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Image classification applications have been gaining more popularity over the past few years. Autonomous driving cars are a notable example of how image classification can be used in real-world applications. Another application can be seen on Facebook. When you upload a picture on Facebook, Facebook’s DeepFace algorithm automatically predicts the users present in the picture and offers suggestions to tag the users detected in that picture.

Efficiently training image classification models from scratch requires resources like sufficient computational power, time, and most importantly a significantly large image data set. …

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If you are building an app that revolves around maps and locations, you might need screens where you mark a particular location/coordinate. While it’s easy for iOS, things can get slightly messy for Android.

I have compiled an example on how you can mark a location with a custom marker such that it works perfectly for both iOS and Android platforms.

Main Screen

First, create a main screen where you will place your MapContainer or any other buttons.


Next, create another component, which will be your map container. This will contain a few sub-components.


The map is created and held inside…

Discover a new secret GitHub feature

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If you’re even remotely related to the world of computer science, you would know what and how powerful GitHub is. If you’re a developer like me, I bet GitHub is your work buddy. But did you know that there are many secrets to Github that you might still be unaware of?

I recently discovered one of them and wanted to share it with the world.

So What’s the Secret?

If you create a repository with your own GitHub username, it automatically turns into a special repository:

Credits: @hafandhaf Instagram Account

Who doesn’t love art? Whether it’s a traditional hand painting or a carefully crafted piece of digital art, I’m a big fan of aesthetics. If you’re reading this, I believe you are one too.

Until a few years back, the internet had some great art work but it still lacked the South-Asian representation that I could personally relate to. However, in recent times, thanks to Instagram, a lot more South Asian based female artists have emerged and trust me, their work surpasses all expectations!

To honour the phenomenal women in art and highlight their amazing work that beautifully portrays my…

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Downloading hundreds of PDF files manually was…tiresome.

One fine day, a question popped up in my mind: why am I downloading all these files manually? That’s when I started searching for an automatic tool.

This sounded like a fun automation task and since I was eager to get my hands dirty with web-scraping, I decided to give it a try. The idea was to input a link, scrap its source code for all possible PDF files and then download them. Let’s break down the steps.

Check Validity

Using a simple try except block, I check if the URL entered is valid or…

Credits: @petrabraunillustration — Instagram

Coming back to Instagram after a few years made me feel like I have missed out on a lot. I don’t remember digital art being this common and this good until a few years back. But now? It’s everywhere and it’s breathtaking! Looks like digital art is the new cool thing.

I was truly overjoyed to find some amazingly aesthetic accounts. While I’m quite impressed by the female digital artists I came across, tbh, I am also a bit jealous of their skills.

To show my love for their work and support women in design, I have picked up some…


Quite excited to start my Medium journey.

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